Each summer, Els Torrents organize Summer Camps dedicated to horseback riding and daily living with horses, with a great success!




Horseback riding activities the whole day
Campers take riding lessons, do horseback tours, try some equestrian disciplines (like horseball, pony games, jumping, equestrian vaulting and classical dressage) and learn about equine health and care.



New experiences!
Excursions into the forest, a pony game competition, craft activities, night games, workshops...


2-day equestrian journey

Every week we organize a 2-day equestrian journey for our campers.


We leave Els Torrents in the morning ->

Lunch at Ingla's Valley ->

We arrive at Els Cortals around 6pm, where we rest and sleep->

We return to Els Torrents the next day


Qualified personal
All activities are directed by certified instructors.




Els Torrents's hotel and restaurant